Linear Electromechanical Actuators
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Moog leads the way in designing and manufacturing linear electromechanical actuators for munitions racks. These devices provide over 50 pounds of linear force when activated by the internal rotary solenoids moving in a perpendicular plane to the linear motion. Because of this unique design, the linear electromechanical actuator (LEMA) can only be activated by an electronic pulse and is impervious to shock and unintentional activation. Thus, it provides a lot of force (up to 125 lbs) from a relatively small unit and is highly dependable and fault-free.
Linear Solenoids
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Moog linear solenoids include simple push / pull applications, but we are best known for adding features to enhance the value of the solenoid. For example, we can provide latching in energized or power-off applications, position indication feedback and four-position articulating motion. Linear solenoids can also be designed for proportional motion relative to power input. Our solenoids are known for providing more force from the same size than our competitors do because we have developed combinations of high-flux magnetic metals and dry lubricant films to provide more power per square inch.
Rotary Solenoids
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Moog rotary solenoids are on most of today’s commercial airliners. Although the cockpits are complete with digital gauges, nothing catches the pilot’s eye like a moving red flag. Our rotary solenoids, with a red flag on the rotating shaft, are still preferred. We also make rotary solenoids for camera shutters and other industrial applications.