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To exploit the full bandwidth of fiber, multiplexing combines many signals of various types — video, serial data, network data, control lines — onto one optical fiber. Multiplexers that combine a number of signals electrically are typically called time division multiplexers (TDM); discrete parts of each input signal is assigned a time slot in the outgoing data stream. Moog has a wide range of TDM options that allow multiple electrical channels to be multiplexed onto one or more optical fibers.
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Moog Protokraft designs and manufacturers high-speed optoelectronic components and communication subsystems for use in harsh environment networking equipment applications. The company provides optoelectronic components and subsystems for short and intermediate reach harsh environment optical networks, including optical network switches, optical enterprise and storage area networks (SAN's) and tactical optical access networks. These active optical subsystems integrate the functions of optical transceivers into the natural structure of a passive optical connector.
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The expanded Prizm™ product line now gives customers more fiber optic, video and data multiplexer solutions for harsh environments. Combined with Moog’s fiber optic rotary joints and slip rings, our technology and experience allows us to support a variety of custom and standard modems in operation around the world.