Logo multi purpose
Multi-purpose actuators and servoactuators can be used for a variety of high-performance applications and are standard building blocks used in a variety of systems.
Logo aircraft
Moog is the world leader in flight control and utility actuation systems for civil and military aircraft. Our offering extends from fully integrated systems to discrete product solutions, with a specialization in the following applications: Flight Control, Engine Controls, Active Vibration Control, Weapons Bay Door Drive.
Logo military
Moog is the premier supplier of electrohydraulic, electromechanical, electropneumatic, and electrohydrastatic actuators for the defense industry. Moog provides the broadest range of actuation solutions in the industry, from fractional horsepower actuators for tactical missiles to over 100 horsepower actuators for submarines.  
Logo industrial
Moog has vast experience developing actuators for some of the world’s most demanding applications and building high performance motion control components is one of our strengths.
Logo space
Moog's actuators have dominated all aspects of the exploration of the outer planets, flying to the moon and to every NASA planetary target. Heritage, assured reliability, and technical expertise are the hallmarks of Moog products for spacecraft and launch vehicle actuation. Moog provides solutions for commercial, military and scientific applications.