Single Contact Connectors

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No contact technology transfers signal and power more reliably than the patented ODU SPRINGTAC® system. Thanks to the individually suspended Springwires, even in small diameters this contact offers a high number of contact surfaces. Up to 15 springs are mounted into even the smallest design with a 0.76mm contact diameter. Each spring makes contact with the pin allowing for an extremely high number of mating cycles with consistently low contact resistance.
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The ODU LAMTAC® stamped contact is capable of mating and de-mating up to 10,000+ cycles. As versatile as the ODU SPRINGTAC®, this contact technology delivers a high-reliability connector system at a cost-effective price.
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The flat socket system was designed specifically to test flat or rectangular contacts typically found in automotive connector harnesses.  The flat socket system is ideal for testing applications where 50,000+ mating cycles are required.