Printed Circuit Boards Connectors

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The ODU FLAKAFIX system offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for the PCB connections. This board-to-wire connector is characterized by contact security, reliable long term performance, low transfer resistance and gas-tight contact points on the conductor.
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The ODU MINI-FLAKAFIX series is the right choice for connecting printed circuit boards over greater distances and under user-defined and/or changeable angles. Contact between the card and cable can be made either as a plug-in or soldered as type.
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ODU CARD connectors are suitable as medium and high pole, plug-in contact elements. Thanks to a good geometric layout, they enable a high packing density on printed circuit boards. ODU CARD connectors are available as square socket / plug combinations available.
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By combining tiny dimensions and maximum power, ODU MINI-CARD creates optimal connections between boards – both for THT soldering as well as for surface mounting (SMT soldering). The two guide pins moulded on the insulating body facilitate centring during assembly and absorb horizontal mechanical forces of printed circuit boards.