Push-Pull Circular Connectors

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Designed specifically for military applications, this extremely rugged metal circular connector series satisfies every demand even under the most extreme conditions.  Tough, watertight and easy to clean, this lightweight, non-reflective connector system has excellent EMI shielding within a compact housing making the AMC ideal for deployment.
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From medical technology to consumer electronics to automotive technology: the trend toward miniaturization continues. High-Density connectors provide the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space. It gives developers new possibilities and solutions while simultaneously challenging the manufacturer. Because the connectors’ reliability and electrical and mechanical robustness must remain intact in spite of the compact size.
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This assembled plastic connection will always come in handy when a light, space-saving and watertight cable assembly is required. The ODU MINI-MED can be easily mated and has a Break-Away function to enable the quick disconnection of the plug and in-line receptacle or receptacle. This solution offers safe, hassle-free use in fields with hygiene requirements, such as medical technology. The compact MINI-MED connection can also be used in industrial electronics or measuring and testing.
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Medical devices require the most reliable connections possible while maintaining the flexibility of multiple contact and termination options coupled with an economical price point.  The ODU MEDI-SNAP combines these features with a unique color and mechanical keying system to offer the ideal connector solution for medical device system designers.
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The ODU MINI-SNAP is the ideal self-securing circular connection for a wide range of applications. If the application requires transferring power, signal, data or media – the ODU MINI-SNAP offers long-term reliability, a high level of quality and the best operating features.
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The ODU MINI-SNAP PC Push-Pull plastic connector system combines EMI shielding, IP 67 environmental protection and a plastic housing to offer a system that is both lightweight and affordable.  With multiple sizes and termination styles to choose from, the ODU MINI-SNAP PC is the ideal solution for medical applications where reliability is paramount.