Moulded Shapes
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As an expert in elastomeric parts for over 60 years, Addix manufactures moulded shapes with different processes: compression moulding, transfer moulding and injection moulding. Addix joined the Axon’ group in 1994.
Overmoulded Parts
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As an expert in elastomeric components since over 60 years, Addix specialises in the design and manufacturing of overmoulded parts including bonded parts. Different kinds of moulding are possible: elastomers over elastomers, elastomers over plastics, elastomers over metal, elastomer over PTFE, elastomers over textile.
Cut Parts
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As an expert in elastomeric components for 60 years, Addix designs and manufactures custom designed cut parts. They can be cut from moulded plates, overmoulded plates from substrate or extruded profiles.Addix joined the Axon’ group in 1994.
Extruded Parts
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As an expert in elastomer products for 60 years, Addix specialises in the design and manufacture of elastomer components. The company can offer extruded profilesincluding standard and custom designed shapes, cords, tubes, square shapes. In addition to these extruded profiles, Addix is able to manufacture extruded gaskets with a cold or hot adhesion process, cut parts, washers or sleeves.
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Addix specialises in elastomer parts and components and can offer keyboards including keypads or membranes, keyboards with silicone or made with other materials. Keyboards are keys located between the top box and the printed circuit board. They make contact with the PCB.
Elastomer Compounds
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Addix , which joined the Axon’ group in 1994, has over 60 years of experience in elastomeric parts and shapes. Addix has integrated its own laboratory in order to formulate and design custom designed and standard compounds. Our compounds are tested according to standards or customers’specifications.