Equipment Wires for High Temperatures
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For any applications requiring resistance to high temperatures, Axon’ Cable offers a large range of equipment wires insulated with PTFE, ETFE, FEP or polyimide. Different versions of Mil-spec and commercial wires including single or multicore wires, extruded or taped, shielded and jacketed, extra flexible,wire-wrap wires and high flexible wires will meet your requirements. As a specialist in plastics technology, Axon’ Cable also offers a large range of radiation resistant wires and cables for nuclear and scientific applications, low smoke and zero halogen wires, cables which resist extreme temperatures.
ESA Wires and Cables
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Axon’ Cable supply a large range of wires and cables in compliance with ESCC standards for the space industry. Lightweight and highly resistant, they have been designed to meet the challenging requirements of the launchers and satellites including internal cabling of electronic boxes, LEO applications and cryogenic applications. From single core hook-up wires to coaxial cables and data bus cables, Axon’ offers a large range of ESA wires and cables.
Aluminium Wires
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Axon‘ Cable has developed a whole range of silver plated aluminium conductors and shielded wires brandnamed Axalu® designed for satellite data transmission and battery power distribution. They allow for 50 to 60 % weight saving regarding conductor and shielding in comparison with copper wires. Aluminium conductors have a low atomic mass which is an advantage for the manufacture of shielding with exposure to x-rays.
High Voltage Wires
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Specialised in custom design wires and cables, Axon’ Cable offers miniature high voltage wires for use up to 22 kV DC. They are specially designed for very demanding applications including aeronautics, military, space and offshore. As weight saving is a key issue in aircraft, our high voltage wires have married high performance with small size. For very special requirements including radiation, high temperature or cryogenics, Axon’ can offer wires to your needs. Axon’ Cable is equipped with a partial discharge tester to assess the quality of the wire insulation
Halogen Free Low Smoke Wires and Cables
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Axon’ Cable supplies Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables and wires designed to avoid emission of toxic fumes and propagation of fire in public places and industrial facilities in case of fire. The whole range consists in single wires, shielded cables or multi-core cables jacketed with Axon’ special compounds which do not emit toxic and corrosive fumes. They comply with IEC standards and have very good mechanical characteristics.
Radiation Resistant Wires and Cables
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Axon’ Cable has developed a range of single wires, multi-cores wires and cables which resist to radiation and high temperatures. Insulated with different materials including ETFE, special thermoplastic compounds, crosslinked polyolefin (XLPE/XLPO), polyurethane (TPU) and polyimide (taped or TPI extruded), they meet the severe requirements of scientific and nuclear applications. They can be used as instrumentation, control and sensor cables in nuclear plants or in particle detectors.
Wires for Extreme Temperatures
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Vibraflame® cables are fire resistant wires and composite cables designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -196°C to + 1565°C. This is an ideal solution for applications in steel and aluminium plants, oil refineries, glass factories, offshore rigs and in military equipment. Vibraflame® wires and composite cables are safer: heat resistant, they do not propagate flame and do not contain asbestos. They also resist water, chemicals, acids and lubricants. Vibraflame® composite cables can be used as power, control, coaxial or power feed cables depending on the application. Axon’ Cable also offers extension and compensating cables for thermocouples insulated with Vibraflame® insulation able to resist temperatures up to 1050°C.