Flat Cables

Flat Flexible Cables
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Designed for board-to-board interconnections in electronic systems, Axojump® Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) are made up of flat tin or gold plated copper conductors insulated with Polyester or Polyimide tapes. From 0.30 mm pitch for space saving to 1.25 mm, a large variety of pitches is available to suit your needs. In addition to the standard range, Axon’ has developed custom designed flat flex cables incorporating folds, shields, notches, punching, slitting, marking or special mounting methods. Flat flexible cables are compatible with ZIF and LIF connectors.
FDC-Flat Display Connections
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Designed for board to display interconnections, FDC-Flat Display Connections consist of standard FFC-Flat Flexible Cables and connectors such as DF-9, DF-19, FI-SE, FI-X at one or both ends. Available in 0.50 mm, 1.00 mm and 1.25 mm pitches, FDC-flat cable assemblies are ready-to-plug flexible connections. They have specially been designed for small displays. Axon’ Cable has developed 2 ranges of flat cable assemblies compliant with the LVDS protocol and V-By-One® HS for HD displays and 3 D displays.
High Speed Flat Flex Cables
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FDC100® Flat Display Connections are made with 100Ω flat flex cables terminated with connectors patented by Axon’ Cable. They are suited for high speed data transmission of video signals. High data rate flat cable assemblies are compliant with the LVDSprotocol and the ultra high data rate flat cable assemblies are compliant with the V-by-One® HS protocol. Full HD displays, larger screens with higher resolutions, 200 Hz frequency, LED and 3D displays, increase of colour depth, high speed of signal transmission, Axon’ has a solution to support all the current market trends.
Flat Cables with Round Pins
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Axostrip® is a range of Round-end Flat Cables (RFC) which can be soldered or inserted to achieve board to board interconnections. These flat flexible cables with round pins are made up of tin plated copper insulated with Polyester, Polyimide or Aramide tapes. The Axostrip® round-flat-round technology allows for a high resistance to vibration and bending. Available in several pitches including 1.00 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.27mm, 1.905 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.54 mm and 5.08 mm pitches, they are easy and fast to install.
Bulk Flat Flexible Cables
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Bulk flat flexible cables Flexlink® are bare copper or tin plated copper conductors insulated with polyester or polyimide tapes. They are supplied on the reel for any application where flexibility and space reduction are required. Bulk FFC can be installed in printers and computers for the consumer electronics, used for special machines or for board-to-board connection. Bulk flexible flat cables can also be used for the cabling of switch rotary connectors in airbag® modules. Available in 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm pitches, standard flat cables of the Flexlink® range are compatible with the most commonly used crimp contact. As a specialist in flat flex cables, Axon' can offer you custom designed solutions from 0.30 mm to 1.25 mm pitch.
Low Width Flat Flexible Cables
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Low width flexible flat cables, Picoline® are made with flat copper conductors insulated with a polyester tape. They have been designed for airbag rotary connectors used to release the driver’s airbag housed under the steering wheel. The unique process patented by Axon’ Cable allows for reducing noise of the cable inside the airbag® system.
Flat Cables with Round Conductors
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Round Conductor Flat Cables have been designed for applications requiring space saving and temperature resistance. Insulated with FEP or ETFE, these ribbon cables can be made with solid or stranded round conductors. Available in 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm pitches, these ribbon flat cables have also an excellent flex life.
Hybrid Flat Cables
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Excellent flex life and robustness! These are the qualities of hybrid flat cablesmanufactured by Axon’ Cable. Ranging through from conductor to jacket, Axon’ cable selects materials able to withstand chemical products, solvents, high temperatures as well as repeated flexions. Hybrid flat cables are designed for equipment with a reduced cabling space. Tailor made, hybrid versions can be offered with twisted pairs, feeder wires, signal cables, flexible wires, PTFE or polyurethane (PU) tubes. This is an ideal solution for automation systems and robots.