Coaxial Cables

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Axon’ offers different types of coaxial cables with single or double screened coaxial cables, triaxial cables, low noise and subminiature coaxial and triaxial cables. For high performance and small coaxial cables, Axon’ uses its patented Celloflon® (porous PTFE) which improves the electrical characteristics of the cable. The company also supplies RG coaxial and triaxial cables according to the American MIL-C-17standard and KX coaxial cables according to the French NF-C-93550 standard.
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Miniaturisation and quality of image transmission are key issues for manufacturers of medical equipment including medical imaging, ultrasound or endoscopy. With outer diameter down to 0.20 mm and high performance dielectric materials, miniature coaxial cables designed by Axon’ have been developed to transmit a large number of signals with no interference. They also can be integrated into hybrid cables able to transmit power, signals and fluids.
Light Weight
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Lightweight coaxial cables manufactured by Axon’ are 30 % lighter than the former aeronautics WN standards. Designed for the cabling of aircraft and helicopters, they exhibit excellent mechanical and electrical performances up to 6 GHz and 18 GHz for cable assemblies. The lightened WN KW (7.65 mm diameter) consists of a central aluminium conductor, a Celloflon® dielectric (Expanded PTFE patented by axon’), a reinforced aluminium braided shield and a FEP outer jacket. For a cable with such a small diameter, the attenuation values are excellent (15 dB for 100 m at 1 GHz). Moreover, the Celloflon® provides not only a low dielectric constant but also very good crush resistance (100 daN/100 mm).
Hand Formable
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Quasiflex® is a range of coaxial cables which can be formed by hand. These hand-formable cables are designed to replace semi-rigid cables whilst retaining similar electrical performance up to 18 GHz. No need to have a specialised tool to bend the cable: the optimized tin soaked shield which protects the cable allows for an easy installation. Quasiflex® hand formable coaxial cables can be delivered with SMA connectors. They can be used in antenna systems, base stations or in satellites.